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    Do you want to work in the night with protecting your eyes? Excessive brightness and radiation generate from your display damage your eyes. "Night Mode" module provides comfort to work at night. Night mode used to reduce eye strain and gives relaxation to the user, Night mode gives a new and fresh overall look. This mode improves the readability of text for the user. cheers!


    • 1) Easy to enable/disable night mode in a single click.
    • 2) Night view available for all views (Kanban, List, Graph, Pivot, Form, Calender, Activity etc).
    • 3) Provide eyes comfort to read the text and reduce eye strain.
    • 4) It saves some small amount of energy and gives relaxation to the eyes.
    • 5) Easy to improve text readability.
    • 6) Night mode increases the concentration in work and decreases user distraction.
    • 7) Night mode is better for battery life if you using odoo on mobile.
    • 8) It looks cool and provides a fresh overall look.
    • 9) It provides better contrast.
    • 10) Easy to install and use it, No more configuration required.
    • 11) This module saves your important time.


    • v13.0
    • v12.0


    1) You will receive the link to download the zip file of the module please download it.

    2) Extract the zip file, you will see a folder named ‘sh_night_mode’.

    3) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Addons path / Custom Addons Path.

    4) Now, open the odoo as Developer Mode.

    5) Go to Apps menu and click on ‘Update Modules List’, Press Update Button.

    6) In the search bar, search ‘sh_night_mode’.

    7) Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


    Click on the "Night Mode" button to activate the night mode.

    After enable night mode followings are different views of odoo.

    Discuss view.

    Inbox Channel View.

    Chat Window View.

    List view.

    Group By List view.

    Kanban view.

    Group By Kanban view.

    Calendar view.

    Pivot view.

    Bar chart.

    Line Chart.

    Pie Chart.

    Activity View.

    Form view.

    Form Chatter Options.

    Wizard View.

    Import View.

    General Setting View.

    Application view.

    Setting view.


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