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    Website F.A.Q. is a complete Frequently Asked Question Management module for odoo. It provides an F.A.Q. With category which can be used to effortlessly add F.A.Q. sections to your website.

    Organizing the most common support requests you get into a F.A.Q. section, will save you time, by drastically reducing the number of incoming support emails! F.A.Q. offers you unlimited categories to organize your content! And off course, you can have unlimited sets of Questions and Answers in each category! All types of content text-images-videos-script are allowed in each answer through the editor! So, become creative, and enhance your customers experience with rich content, images and even some video tutorials!


    • v12.0
    • v11.0
    • v10.0
    • v9.0
    • v8.0


    • 1) Category Management.
    • 2) Question and Answers.
    • 3) Answers with html editor.
    • 4) Ability to active/inactive category or questions.
    • 5) Responsive.


    1) You will receive the link to download the zip file of the module pls download it.

    2) Extract the zip file, you will see folder named ‘sh_website_faq’

    3) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Addons path / Custom Addons Path.

    4) Now, open the odoo as Developer Mode

    5) Go to Apps menu and click on ‘Update Modules List’, Press Update Button

    6) In the search bar, search ‘sh_website_faq’

    7) Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


     Website FAQ tree view with active,inactive filter.

    FAQ form view.

    Question, Html answer and publish field in FAQ line form view.

    FAQ page on website looks like below.


    You will get free support and assistance in case of any issues