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The Vital Role Of Choosing The Right POS System For Your Business Success

Softhealer provides a customized retail point-of-sale system that helps businesses scale up their operations, improve the customer experience, and make smarter decisions. It has all the necessary features for all types of businesses and is responsible for crafting all POS elements and preparing the POS that suits their brand color. This will help businesses become more productive and increase their growth.

Key Features

Unlock your retail business's potential with these key POS service features.

Help To Speed Up Your Retail Business
Help To Speed Up Your Retail Business
Reach Customer Expectations
Reach Customer Expectations
Get Real-Time Data
One-Click Setup
Responsive Designed Elements
Online-Offline Order Management
Online-Offline Order Management
Simple Invoices
KSA E-Invoicing Supports

Supported Business Solutions

We offer modern solutions that cater to the unique needs of every industry.

Key Distinctive Features

Customize your POS retail experience with over 50 features and themes to meet your needs.

POS Theme

You can customize the POS theme as per your choice.

Real-Time Qty

Easy to get updated real-time product on-hand quantity.

Min Max Price

Set the minimum and maximum sales price in order.

Customer Order List

You can see the order list for a particular customer, from customer details.

Order List

You can see all the orders from the POS screen.

Purchase Order From POS

Easy to create a purchase order from the POS screen.

Sale Order From POS

Easy to create sale quotations/orders from the pos screen.

POS Portal

Your customer can see the order details from the portal.

POS Signature

It allows you to make a signature in each order with a user name.


Easy to share order receipts on customers' whatsapp.

POS Receipt

Easy to print order receipts from the backend.

Product Suggestion

Set the relative product as a suggestion in products and its display on the POS screen.

Product Bundle

You can make bundle products for the POS.

Auto Lock

It will lock POS while there is no activity performed in the defined time.

Bag Charge

Easy to add bags in order as products with prices.

Order Cancel

Easy to cancel the order with delivery and invoice cancellation features.

Product Counter

This feature displays the total number of products on the POS cart.

Default Invoice

It will create an invoice while you are placing an order.

Line Pricelist

Easy to change the pricelist for each line in the POS cart.


Just config all shortcuts as per your requirements to perform actions.

Multi Barcode

Easy to assign more than one barcode for each product.


Easy to add notes for the orders and order line as well.

Return and Exchange

Easy to manage product return and exchange operations.

Remove Cart Item

There is an option to remove the product from the order line in the POS cart.

Switch View

Here you have two types of product view grid and list.

Product Templates

Easy to define product templates for quick orders.

Global Discount

Apply discount for all products in the POS order cart. Fixed or Percentage.

Product Weight

Display product weight on the POS product screen/cart and the order receipt.

Secondary Unit of Measure

Define the secondary unit of measure for each product.

Product Variant Popup

It will show variants in particular products. It will enhance your POS usability.

Custom Receipt

You can customize the POS receipt. Print customer details, barcode/QR Code, and Invoice number on POS receipt.

Default Customer

Easy to set the default customer for every order. you can change while the customer making an order.

Direct Login

Just assign users to the POS shop, while they login into Odoo it will redirect to the POS. shop


Here you have 2 types of rounding methods 1. Normal Rounding 2. Rounding up to 50.

Customer Discount

Define discount for customers, it will be applied while making an order for those customers.

Mass Product Update

Easy to update mass products category.

Import Orders

Easy to import orders from Excel or CSV.

Product Tag Search

Search products by their tags.

POS Logo

Set your company logo on the POS screen.

Video Tutorials

Get step-by-step guidance for every feature of the software with our extensive library of video tutorials.

Order List Filter
Category Slider
Partial Payment
POS Code Display
Real Time Quantity Update
Disable Buttons
Min Max Price In POS
Product Variant Popup
Create PO From POS
Create SO From POS
POS Weight
Secondary UOM
POS Order List
Access Rights
POS Portal
POS Signature
Whatsapp Integration
Custom Receipt
POS Receipt
Product Suggestion
Product Bundle
Auto Lock
Bag Charges
Order Cancel
Product Counter
Customer Order List
Default Customer
Default Invoice
Direct Login
Line Pricelist
Keyboard Shortcut
POS Logo
POS Multi Barcode
POS Notes
Return & Exchange
Remove Cart Item
POS Rounding
Switch View
Product Tag Search
Import Order
Product Template
Mass Product Update

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