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SAP licence services

SAP business one offers a licensing structure designed to provide access to its ERP software, ensuring secure and efficient use of company data. Licences are distributed through authorised partners rather than directly from SAP, to ensure that users receive the necessary training and support.

  • Perpetual Licence : This model offers unlimited access to the software for a one-time fee, allowing installation on the company's premises. It represents a significant initial investment and does not cover future software updates. To access updates, a maintenance fee, typically 17% of the software cost, is required annually.
  • Cloud Subscription Licence : Under this model, users pay a recurring fee (monthly or yearly) for the right to use the software, which is hosted remotely. This fee includes maintenance and support, but the licence must be renewed according to the subscription plan to continue access.

This structure ensures that businesses can tailor the software access according to the specific needs and roles of their users, enhancing efficiency and data security.


Professional Licence

Offers full access to all software modules and features, enabling comprehensive use of the ERP system.

Limited Logistics License

Provides full access to sales, production, and inventory modules, with restricted access to the purchasing module.

Limited Finance License

Grants complete access to purchasing, banking, and financial modules, catering to users focused on financial management.

Limited CRM License

Allows full access to CRM, sales, and purchasing modules, ideal for users specialising in customer relationship management.


Project Planning & Preparation

We start with understanding your objectives, identifying key areas, and planning the implementation across departments, focusing on objectives, setup, schedule, and standards.

Business Blueprint

Through workshops and discussions, we create a detailed blueprint that guides the implementation, detailing business requirements, technical design, departmental gaps, and the overall plan.

Project Realisation

Our consultants configure SAP business one according to the blueprint, setting up business processes, technical configurations, user roles, and preparing for go-live with mock tests.

Final Preparations & Go-Live

We conduct final tests and adjustments to ensure the system is ready for operational use, focusing on system optimization and readiness for live operations.


SAP implementation

Our approach to SAP business one implementation is tailored to equip your organisation with strategic solutions that address both current and future business challenges. We offer personalised solutions by adhering to SAP's accelerated implementation program (AIP), ensuring a comprehensive, step-by-step deployment strategy based on years of best practices.

Our process ensures a seamless SAP business one implementation, customised to meet your unique business needs and prepare your organisation for future growth.

Premier SAP Consulting Services

SAP consultancy services

With deep expertise, we provide consultancy services that help you align your project needs, right from implementation, customization, and ongoing support. Some of the consultancies we provide include SAP business one—an aim to optimise your ERP system for efficiency, enabling it to encourage business growth. Trust us to transform your operations with SAP B1, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

SAP customisation

Softhealer enhances SAP business one for your organisation by customising solutions to meet specific needs, bridging any gaps with custom add-on solutions. Partnering with certified providers, we deliver industry-tailored technological enhancements to increase business value and meet unique requirements.

Top-Tier SAP Customization Solutions
Leading SAP Migration Services

SAP migration

Businesses needing to process complex queries and handle large transactions are moving towards in-memory database systems like SAP HANA for enhanced efficiency. This transition, from Microsoft SQL to SAP HANA for SAP business one users, addresses the demand for faster, more scalable data management in a data-driven enterprise landscape, despite potential migration challenges such as cost and downtime.

SAP Support

Softhealer prioritises customer satisfaction by offering premier SAP business one support and maintenance services. We ensure seamless, proactive service and industry-specific customizations, enabling clients to maximise their SAP business one system benefits. Our flexible annual maintenance cost provides tailored support for continuous business success.

Superior SAP Support Providers
Premier SAP Cloud Hosting Solutions

SAP Cloud Hosting Services

Softhealer provides cloud hosting for SAP business one, supporting both new implementations and transitions from on-premises versions. We offer a ready-to-use, customizable cloud platform with an intuitive interface, enabling efficient and cost-effective operations for small and medium-sized businesses.

SAP mobile app

SAP business one's mobility solutions empower you to execute essential tasks and make critical decisions using android or ios devices. This feature offers instant access to key business modules like sales quotations, opportunities, orders, and real-time reports, directly at your fingertips. The SAP business one mobile app is included with the purchase of User Licences, ensuring seamless business management on the move.

Top SAP Mobile Application Solutions

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